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Defluffing Resilience 

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Divakar Pandian


Disasters do not discriminate; they strike without regard for wealth or status. The COVID-19 pandemic served as a stark reminder that economic strength plays a crucial role in determining the effectiveness of resilience measures.​"Defluffing Resilience" sets out to fulfill this mission, aiming to bring forth a new era of understanding and empowerment in the field of resilience. By cutting through the jargon and complexities, this book seeks to offer simple yet profound insights that will shape the future of resilience practices.


Roseline Jackuline

User Experience

For a book that emphasizes the significance of engagement, immersive experiences, and accessibility in disaster management, it is essential that the book itself reflects these qualities. From the captivating cover to every chapter within, it yearns to foster an effective dialogue on societal resilience.

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Our Readers Say

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A captivating journey through Divakar Pandian’s book, "Defluffing Resilience," where he unravels the misconceptions and unveils powerful strategies surrounding business resilience. By offering invaluable insights, Pandian empowers organizations and individuals to not just survive but thrive in today's dynamic landscape.

Faisal Al Muhana, Business Continuity Manager

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